In 1834, the writer (and later to be Father-in-Law of fellow author Charles Dickens) George Hogarth, moved from Scotland to London to take up a job as a music critic for the The Morning Chronicle. His family later joined him, including Catherine, Mary and Georgina.

The family lived at 18 York Place, Queen’s Elm, Brompton. The house was on south side of Fulham Road facing orchards that the area was then noted for.


Charles Dickens and the Hogarth Residence.

Charles Dickens visited the Hogarth household many times here whilst courting Catherine. Dickens even moved to the area for a while, renting lodgings at 11 Selwood Terrace, Brompton which was just minutes walking distance from the Hogarth family residence.

The couple became engaged in the Spring of 1835 and were married on 2 April 1836 in the nearby Saint Luke’s Church, Chelsea.