Robert Peel (1788-1850) was a Conservative British Prime Minister for two terms, but is probably best known for creating the police force during his term as Home Secretary.


Early Life.

Robert Peel Peel was born on 5 February 1788 at Chamber Hall near Bury in Lancashire, the eldest son and third of eleven children of Robert Peel (the first Baronet) and Ellen Yates. His family were originally Lancashire weavers and farmers but had made a fortune in textile manufacture. Between 1800 and 1804 Peel was educated at Harrow before going onto Christ Church Oxford, studying Classics and Mathematics and Physics.

He initially embarked on a career in law, entering Lincoln’s Inn in 1809 but after his father bought him a parliamentary seat in Ireland on the influence of the Duke of Wellington, Peel began a parliamentary career that lasted until his death in 1850.


Further Reading.

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