The following is a list of the full texts of books and articles that appear on our site. Although our primary focus is Charles Dickens, we have also reproduced a number of articles and books that we have found useful from other authors.

Works by Charles Dickens.

Articles by Charles Dickens.

The Examiner: Tooting Farm case.

The four articles Charles Dickens wrote for The Examiner newspaper in 1849, about Drouet’s pauper farm at Tooting were:

  1. The Paradise at Tooting (20 January).
  2. The Tooting Farm (27 January).
  3. A Recorder’s Charge (3 March).
  4. The Verdict for Drouet (21 April).

Household Words.

A number of other significant articles written by Charles Dickens were published in Household Words, including the following which you can read at The Circumlocution Office (in chronological order):

Books by other authors.

Thomas Beames.

George Godwin.

James Ewing Ritchie.

Articles by other authors.

Richard Henry Horner.

T M Thomas.