The Evening Chronicle was a newspaper that ran from 1835 – 1847 and in which the Victorian author Charles Dickens published twenty sketches about London.



The Evening Chronicle was launched in January 1835, the sister paper of The Morning Chronicle. The first edition appeared on 31 January 1835 and the last on 23 July 1847. It appeared three times a week.


George Hogarth.

George Hogarth (the future father-in-law of Charles Dickens) was a journalist at the The Morning Chronicle and when the sister newspaper The Evening Chronicle was launched, he was appointed as an editor.


Charles Dickens and the Evening Chronicle.

George Hogarth commissioned Charles Dickens to write a series of articles, Sketches of London, under the pseudonym ‘Boz’. The series followed the success of his work with The Morning Chronicle. Dickens wrote twenty Sketches of London which were published between 31 January 1835 (the first edition) and 20 August 1835. The sketches were later republished under a collected edition in Sketches by Boz.

As a result of extra work Dickens’ salary at The Morning Chronicle and its sister paper was increased from five to seven guineas a week.

These are the twenty Sketches of London that Dickens wrote for the The Evening Chronicle with the publication date.

  1. Saturday, 31 January 1835. Hackney-Coach Stands.
  2. Saturday, 7 February 1835. Gin-Shops.
  3. Thursday, 19 February 1835. Early Coaches.
  4. Saturday, 28 February 1835. The Parish (renamed The Beadle. The Parish Engine. The Schoolmaster for Sketches by Boz).
  5. Saturday, 07 March 1835. The House (incorporated into A Parliamentary Sketch for Sketches by Boz)..
  6. Tuesday, 17 March 1835. London Recreations.
  7. Tuesday, 07 April 1835. Public Dinners.
  8. Saturday, 11 April 1835. Bellamy’s (incorporated into A Parliamentary Sketch for Sketches by Boz).
  9. Thursday, 16 April 1835. Greenwich Fair.
  10. Thursday, 23 April 1835. Thoughts about People.
  11. Saturday, 09 May 1835. Astley’s.
  12. Tuesday, 19 May 1835. Our Parish (renamed The Curate. The Old Lady. The Half-Pay Captain for Sketches by Boz).
  13. Saturday, 06 June 1835. The River.
  14. Thursday, 18 June 1835. Our Parish (renamed The Four Sisters for Sketches by Boz).
  15. Tuesday, 30 June 1835. The Pawnbroker’s Shop.
  16. Tuesday, 14 July. Our Parish (renamed The Election for Beadle for Sketches by Boz).
  17. Tuesday, 21 July. The Streets – Morning.
  18. Tuesday, 28 July. Our Parish (renamed The Broker’s Man for Sketches by Boz).
  19. Tuesday, 11 August 1835. Private Theatres.
  20. Thursday, 20 August 1835. Our Parish (renamed The Ladies’ Societies for Sketches by Boz).