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Painting of John Forster (by Charles Edward Perugini).

Painting of John Forster (by Charles Edward Perugini).

John Forster was a political writer, critic and biographer and a personal friend of author Charles Dickens.


Early Life.

Born in April 1812 at Newcastle, he moved to London and trained for a legal profession but never practised. He devoted his early life to periodical writing, and at the age of just 20 was writing political articles in the London paper The Examiner, attracting attention for their outspokenness.


Charles Dickens and John Forster.

In 1846 Forster succeeded Charles Dickens as editor of the Daily News, but resigned the next year to assume the editorship of The Examiner, a post which he held for nine years.

He died in February, 1876.


Further Reading.

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