The Rudge Family.

Consisting of Barnaby, a simple man, his loving mother Mary, and his companion Grip, the loquacious raven.


The Willets Family.

Old John, the keeper of the Maypole Inn, and his kindly son Joe.


The Varden Family.

Gabriel, the locksmith, his manipulative wife Martha, and his beautiful daughter Dolly Varden


The Chester Family.

The villainous Sir John, Esquire, M.P. (Member of Parliament) and his innocent son Edward.


The Haredale Family.

Mr. Geoffrey Haredale, younger brother of the murdered Reuben, and his niece (Reuben’s daughter) Emma.


Other Characters.

Hugh. The sinister hostler of the Maypole Inn

Lord George Gordon (a fictionalisation of the historical personality), his loyal servant John Grueby, and his obsequious and duplicitous secretary Mr Gashford

Quotation by the character Simon Tappertit.

Simon Tappertit. Gabriel Varden’s apprentice.

Miggs. Mrs Varden’s shrewish housemaid.

Ned Dennis. The hangman of Tyburn.

The mysterious stranger, ultimately revealed to be Barnaby Rudge, Sr, the steward and murderer of Reuben Haredale

Stagg. The crafty blind man.

Solomon Daisy, ‘Long’ Phil Parkes, and Tom Cobb, Old John’s three cronies.

Mr. Langdale. The purple-faced old vintner.